Dementia Awareness Week (18-24 May 2015) – Podcasts and Twitter chats

During Dementia Awareness Week (18–24 May 2015) The National Skills Academy for Health will be publishing a series of daily podcasts to explore key dementia care issues. 

The themes and topics in each podcast will be explored further during live daily Twitter chats. Dementia experts, including UCL Partners and NHS Employers, will be taking part to debate the issues and answer your questions. 

dementia awareness week

These might be especially useful if you’re a year one nursing student thinking about what to write for your Exploring Adult Nursing assignment (reflecting on a case scenario where you have cared for a patient with cognitive impairment). One or all of these podcasts might help with some useful information or at least give you some ideas if you’ve chosen to write about a patient with dementia…


Podcasts will be available from 9am every day (18-24 May 2015) with the live Twitter chat following between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.

For more details, to ask a question or have a link to the podcast delivered to your inbox, click here.

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