Making Good Medical Choices: Do We Need God?  

A talk by Professor Roger Higgs

“When it comes to those difficult decisions with doctors, about assisted dying, abortion, or what to tell and who decides, does religion have a part to play? Should clinicians give serious consideration to requests for “inappropriate” treatment when those requests are based on religious beliefs? Medical ethics as a respected discipline is 40 years old now, and in this presentation, Roger will be looking at practice and policy, and the aches and the arguments when patients and their doctors get stuck. Roger Higgs was Head of the Department of General Practice studies at Kings College London as well as a practicing GP. He has held a lifelong interest in the moral issues of practising medicine and is an eloquent and thoughtprovoking speaker. He is a leading member of the Institute of Medical Ethics and a founder of the Journal of Medical Ethics.” (The above is taken from the Dorset Humanists’ May 2015 Newsletter).

Changes in healthcare and society are making it increasingly likely that you, as nurses, will be caring for people where complex ethical considerations are at play. This sounds like a fascinating talk by Professor Roger Higgs that may help you consider your role in these matters. It takes place on Wednesday 27th May 7.30pm Green House Hotel, 4 Grove Road Bournemouth BH1 3AX.

Sadly I can’t go but, if you do, maybe you could drop me line to let me know what was discussed? Maybe you could write a piece for publishing on this blog…

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