Student nurse with dyslexia? This might help you

Some of the best nurses I’ve worked with have happened to be dyslexic. Maybe it was having to overcome the challenges that come with dyslexia that helped them to develop such high quality skills? However I’ve met many student nurses who do struggle with this, some even getting diagnosed for the first time after they’ve already started their degree. Remember, while you may not like to be ‘labelled’ as dyslexic it helps to open up a range of support that you cannot access without the label. Don’t let it define you, let it refine you!

I happened across a blog written by a newly qualified nurse, Andrew, who, despite his dyslexia gained an upper second class degree in mental health nursing. Have a look at his blog, Positively dyslexic nursing. Maybe his tips for success will help you…?

2 thoughts on “Student nurse with dyslexia? This might help you

  1. Julia

    This is great not only for nurses with dyslexia but for anyone really. What a fantastic attitude and way to see things. Thank you for sharing.



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