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It’s typical, you just start in your first nursing post and along comes Corona…

It’s difficult to concentrate, to even enjoy music without, for example, accidentally hearing “M-m-m-my Corona!” belting out of the speakers. Even one of my favourite songs by The Police “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” has taken on a new and unwelcome interpretation. I guess if there’s any elephant in the room it’s not that we are ignoring staring down the barrel of a coronavirus pandemic, I think everyone recognises that (especially you clever people). It’s more, is the UK response to the pandemic the right one? [OK, maybe it is not so much an elephant in the room. I was stuck with it as I ended my last post with that idiom…].

You’ll already be familiar with the government”s response, responses from universities like BU (that largely echo government advice) and you’ll also have local advice from your employer. But do you understand why the government is taking this particular strategy which appears to contrast that of China, Italy, Ireland? Why is the UK doing it differently? And will it work?

Clearly if I had the answer to this I would be locked in a room in discussion with 10 Downing Street strategising away, but my lack of expertise is confirmed by the fact that I am sitting in my office waiting to be told if/when the uni, like all other unis and schools, will shut down. I’d like instead to share with you a series of tweets by Professor Ian Donald a couple of days ago who makes a number of prescient points about the UK government strategy which makes for sober reading. In summary, the government’s strategy appears risky, but if inherent assumptions turn out to be correct (the educated ‘fingers crossed’ bit), the strategy could prove to be very effective…maybe. The analysis in these tweets helped me get a better bearing on the situation. Hope it helps you too.

Now might not be the best time, but…

Huge congratulations to everyone who recently graduated as nurses from BU! (And I extend this out to anyone else who recently joined a register of healthcare professionals!).

I had originally planned to kick off a series of posts to offer some cheer to the pioneering students of V8 (you know who your are!) who were the first to graduate from BU with a PGDip Adult Nursing ( a course designed for graduates of any discipline with care experience to become a registered nurse in two years rather than the usual three years). Starting in your first post can be daunting, challenging, downright scary – so I had planned to post some things here to act like a little emotional boost. What I had not planned for was this to coincide with an escalating pandemic that risks pushing you guys in the NHS and beyond to the absolute brink of your emotional and physical limits. The maximum ‘Life happens while you’re busy making plans’ seems rather an understatement. My initial thought was that some of the posts I was planning might now seem crass, irrelevant, or even insensitive in the face of the increasingly grim reality. Maybe though what I was planning, to offer some cheer, a tiny bit of practical advice and make more buoyant the recent graduate nurses I had got to know over the last two years (and all other amazing nurses too!) in some ways couldn’t come at a better time…? Well, you will be the judge of that. I will charge on with what I planned – let me know if it is welcome, or indeed if it is not. Look out for my first post in ages (apart from this one ) and it only seems right that first post does not ignore the elephant in the room….

Jonny Branney