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Stressed about exams? Tell yourself you’re excited instead of anxious

Exam Stress? Here’s how to cope by Ian Roberson

Exam stress

If the thought of exams fills you with dread, read this Exam stress article by Ian Robertson (right click and select rotate to get it facing the right way!) and see if, instead of interpreting your change in physiology around exam time (including increased heart rate, sweating) as anxiety, tell yourself you’re excited! This might sound crazy at first thought but consider this, if you interpret how you feel as being excited rather than anxious, you’ll probably get a better mark in your exam – that’s worth getting excited about.

[P.S. You may also not the article at the bottom of the page on facial recognition. Did you that BU has a Centre for Face Processing Disorders? Some people have real difficulty telling who someone is only by looking at their face, and rely on other things such as mannerisms, speech, hair, clothing etc. This difficulty in facial recognition is called prosopagnosia. In contrast, some people are ‘super-recognisers’ who may be of particular use in policing and national security. Have a look at the Centre’s website to find out more].