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What do you think about assisted dying?

‘Effectively Advancing Equality and Human Rights’
by Pavan Dhaliwal, Director of Public Affairs and Campaigns at the British Humanist Association

“Humanists have always been at the forefront of promoting a rational, secular approach to ethical issues in public policy, and the British Humanist Association (BHA) devotes much of its resources towards campaigning for equality and human rights. Pavan Dhaliwal will outline the BHA’s current campaigns on issues such as assisted dying, religious education, and pastoral care in hospitals, and explain how we can most effectively use our limited resources for maximum effect. One such method currently being explored is the use of ‘strategic litigation’ which can bring about significant changes in the law, legal practice and/or public awareness by taking carefullyselected test cases to court. Pavan heads the BHA’s public affairs team and is responsible for campaigns covering a wide range of issues including public services, equality law, ethical issues, religion and schools, and social cohesion. She is an equalities and human rights expert with a special interest in youth, criminal justice and education policy.”

Wednesday 28th October 7.30pm Green House Hotel, BH1 3AX

The above text originally appeared in the Dorset Humanists newsletter. No religious or a-religious views are being implied – this simply looks like a thought-provoking talk relevant to some of the situations nurses can find themselves in while caring for people at their most vulnerable.