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The power of reflective writing to help ease the stress and strain of nursing

Reflective Writing as a Crucial Counterweight to Clinical Experience


I recently read ‘Reflective Writing as a Crucial Counterweight to Clinical Experience‘ by Amanda Anderson, a nurse in New York City and felt immediately compelled to share it with you. What better way to be convinced of the power of reflective writing than from somebody who is using it to help them cope with the stress and strain of daily practice? ¬†You might like to reflect on how much writing you have been doing as a student nurse, especially when you are on clinical placement. You are, after all, required to keep a clinical log. Perhaps after reading this piece you might be convinced of the usefulness of regular writing, not simply for the sake of academic requirements but how that writing might help you personally cope with some of the trauma, psychological and otherwise, that nurses need to deal with? Notably, Amanda says “I didn’t make writing a regular practice during my first year of nursing – a choice I still regret”. You can make a different choice.